SPOTLIGHT: Monica Meyer, Financial Advisor - Edward Jones

Investing isn’t just for the wealthy, it’s for everybody

Monica Meyer, a financial advisor with Edward Jones, is passionate about helping people reach their financial goals and dreams.

Meyer recently moved her office to Navarre in October 2019.

“It just made sense to have my office in Navarre,” Meyer said. “A majority of my clients are in Navarre, so it’s a lot more convenient for them, and as a member of this community for 17 years and an active volunteer in several organizations in Navarre, the move has been great for me too.”

Her office is at 1778 Sea Lark Lane.

Meyer’s first priority is to understand her clients’ situation, financial goals and dreams. From there she works with them as a team to create a financial plan to realize those goals. She offers a variety of financial services to guide her clients through both long-term and short-term goals. These range from retirement planning and life insurance to long-term investment plans, saving for college and retirement and life insurance plans for business owners.

Meyer also offers free financial consultations that show what someone can expect in retirement. You name it, Meyer’s got it when it comes to financial planning, building and protecting wealth, and achieving your financial goals.

“Understanding my client is the most important thing to me. Once I’ve listened to the client, understand their needs and situation, I build personalized strategies to meet those needs. We create an action plan, and I walk, as a partner, with my client down that path with them.”

And Meyer isn’t just another financial advisor. Not only is she invested in her clients, she is deeply committed and invested in her community. She has been appointed as the 2020 chairman of the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, volunteering her time with this organization, as well as the Navarre Beach Chamber Foundation, The Navarre Beach Yacht Club and Holley by the Sea social committee, all with the goal of making this community a better place to live, work and play.

A mother of two children, she loves to sail, snorkel and scuba. She also competes in triathlons, local running races and in an occasional Ironman competition and brings that same dedication and determination to her role as a financial advisor at Edward Jones.

“When a person comes to my office, I want them to feel like he or she is the most important person, to make them feel like family. These are people I truly want to help and better their situation. I want people to be able to retire when they want to, the way they want to, and I am here to help them accomplish that.”

A local school teacher for nearly a decade, Meyer had been investing with Edward Jones since she moved to Navarre in 2004 and decided she wanted to make an impact in a different way. Edward Jones seemed like the perfect fit. Meyer has been with Edward Jones for more than two years.

Meyer realized a huge need for “educating people about investing and having someone they trust guide them toward their goals.” She also watched her mother drain her life savings, in part due to a disease, but also because her mother never had someone who helped her make a plan, make smart investment decisions, know how much she would need in retirement and plan for the unexpected.

“I feel if my mother had someone who helped her financially plan, the ending to her story would have been much different,” Meyer said.

Having a potentially avoidable financial situation hit close to home and seeing the need for educating people, fueled her career change.

“I loved being a teacher, and this is a way for me to still educate people, make a difference in a person’s life and work for a company that truly puts its clients’ best interests first,” she said.

Meyer treats her clients like family and will do everything she can to help them reach their goals, even if that means sitting with a client at the Social Security office, attending meeting with her clients and their estate planning attorney or accountant.

“I’ve even offered to go car shopping with my clients, or drive them to a doctor’s appointment,” Meyer said. “My passion is helping people be successful.”

She also hosts free workshops every six weeks or so that cover a variety of investment topics and a free monthly coffee club at her office to keep people up-to-date on relevant financial topics.

Seeing clients get to where they want to be financially is something she takes pride in and enjoys.

“To me, the most rewarding part of this career is seeing my clients reach their goals and be financially secure,” Meyer said.

Meyer advises her clients to have 20/20 vision for this new financial decade. She says the secret is to set goals, set up a clear plan and take action.


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